Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More unplanned medical madness

First an apology for the pics being positioned weird and in the wrong order. I don't know how to maneuver them.

How could there be more unplanned medical madness you ask? Well....first off it wasn't for me this time. You can see by the pics to the left that it was J. On Monday at 5:05, his teacher at school calls. He took a tumble on the playground, hurt his arm, and just isn't recovering how he normally does. My radar goes up. Define that please. There was no blood, bruising, swelling, he can move it and yet he is still whimpering and guarding it. Oh lord.

So we get to school and something is definitely not right. Call pediatrician and he can come to the clinic and get x-rays but if its broken we will still have to go to ER for casting. So skip that. Off to the ER we go! (OK we have beyond met our medical deductible at this point. I think this ER trip may even have been 100% covered.) My boy looked sooo little and sad laying on the gurney (see photo) and getting wheeled away to get an x-ray which showed a small crack in the bone above his elbow. Oh GOODIE. They gave him pain meds, put a splint on it, and gave him a sling. Apparently it felt much better (see photo).

Side note: It is letter "x" week at school and the Dr gave us a printout of J's x-rays - I scanned it, printed it out and he took in the best example of something that starts with an x! Don't ever say the Motleys don't go the extra mile! :)

2.5 hours later he is discharged with instructions to make an appt with orthopedic surgeon in 3 days. They did send us home with Tylenol with Codine for him - makes sleeping good for him. So now I get to miss work, again, and take him to a fracture specialist tomorrow. We shall see what they say. J is being a trooper about it all. He even took a bath tonight with a garbage bag on his arm.

How am I doing? Pretty well. Lots to distract me obviously. We are three weeks away from moving into our new house, and four weeks away from moving our work to a new location. As office manager, I know every detail of that move down to almost the hour between now and then. As me, after hours, I have almost nothing planned for our move. Some boxes are packed, some stuff has been sorted and purged. Oh well - we don't officially have a loan commitment yet - its still in process - I think I'm nervous it will fall through like my pregnancy. Patience is a virtue! Right???? On that note, J asked in the grocery store today why he has to wait so long for a baby sister. I explained that God has a plan and we need to be patient. Maybe he wants us to move into our new house first and then we just need to wait and see. I have to say it sounded pretty good. Not sure I believed it - but I didn't tear up. Progress? Gotta go for now - good night all!
Good night

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving forward and Retail Therapy

So it has been almost two weeks. Two weeks from the time I was told my little miracle was no longer viable. Two weeks from the procedure. What a strange time. My hormones are totally whacked. Though I think that may be settling down; I didn't cry at all on Friday, Saturday or Sunday! My emotions have been on tilt-a-whirl and I don't like carnival rides. If I get tired, I cant hold it in. Poor Husband; what a trooper he has been!

This past weekend we attended a formal dinner at a friends house. Attire: Cocktail (the objective is to wear a dress you bought for another event) Problem: Although many of my friends do, I don't belong to things that require you to attend "events." So basically, I had squat to wear. Wednesday night, I decided I had to buckle down and decide what I am wearing. The verdict? Well...I am either too fat to wear what I have (ie: the LBD that I wore 20 pounds ago that I got zipped up but looks like I need to lose 20 pounds to wear), I already wore what I have(ie: a pretty pants outfit that I am fairly sure I wore to last years party), or I hated what I have (anything sleeveless, including aforementioned pants outfit- my arms suck right now). Suspecting this was going to be the case, I had asked my sister if she had anything fun in her closet for me to wear, so my mom dropped off some things for me. She is 8 years younger, probably 15 pounds lighter, and is not as chesty as I am. What was I thinking? The 3 options she sent over were soooooo cute on the hanger. On me...not so much. UGH! they emphasized my boobs in a Dolly Parton kind of way, and made me look frumpy. My sister looks freakin' awesome in these I am sure. Don't forget those hormones are still flowing fast and furious. I was upset about my pooch and my body in general and Husband, dear sweet Husband, says, "But honey you were pregnant only a week ago. Take it easy on yourself." Cue floodgates. What a mess. Poor guy!

So I woke up with puffy, dry eyes, a headache, and in a serious mood on Thursday. I decided that retail therapy was the only thing going to cure this ailment. I went to the mall over lunch, found the cutest dress at Boston Store. 30% off, hooray! The Goodwill sale is going on too; donate an item get a coupon for 20 % off an item, even better! I cleaned out 2 dressers over the weekend! I have Goodwill stuff at home, might as well get money off for it! I asked them to hold my pretty new dress and went back Friday at lunch to pick it up with a bag of donations. As soon as I decided to buy that dress, I felt better. I felt like I could go and be pretty, and happy and have a good time, and we did. Retail therapy works, I highly recommend it!

The party was awesome. Great food, good friends, good conversation, a bottle of wine for me. Oh my, yes, you read that right, a whole bottle of white zin. (For those of you that don't know me socially, I'm usually only good for a glass or two) Got home late, now daylight savings time is kicking my ass. But I really am starting to feel better in general. I had a quiet moment at the party when the preggo girl was talking about labor and delivery, and on and on (don't think she was aware of our situation). Then I held my friends little girl in church - so much fun. Played with my son over the weekend, so much fun. Planning our move, packing boxes slowly - still fun and exciting. Gave up on eating healthy for now- cause I just don't wanna - way more fun! (I know this won't help the above fat problem but one thing at a time!) Oh yeah, J needed new shoes yesterday. He put a hole through the toe of his current tennis shoes. So we went to Famous Footwear and they were having a buy 1 get 1 1/2 off sale. So more therapy: I got him his shoes then found $50 tennis shoes for me that were on sale for $19.99 and then got them for 1/2 off. Yes I got new tennis shoes for $10!!!!! SUPER FUN! Sigh, I am in a really happy place now!

Sorry this post is so disjointed, my thoughts are still kinda that way. I'm done spending money on me right now. Shoes and a new dress and a new house and medical bills up the wazoo I am sure. Gotta watch the bottom line (and my bottom!) :) Have a great day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

No baby, but hope

Hello lovely friends. I do have lovely friends. You all took time called, texted and emailed (some even sent flowers and chocolate!) your thoughts, tears, love and support. Losing this baby has been strange. I was devastated on Tuesday when she told me. We spent the rest of the day, holding each other, crying, and just being together. BFF E (I have about 3 BFF's) picked up J at school and kept him till about 7:30. By then we were able to compose ourselves and go out for a bit. Husband asked for beers, I didn't care as long as he promised it was not a backslide. Got some snuggling in with J, tucked him into bed, came out on the couch and cried my eyes out. Why? It's not fair. 3 years of trying, then no trying and then blessing us then this? Really? Not fair. Exhausted. Went to bed.

Awoke on Wednesday (D&C day) feeling.....calm and I found that strange. Had to eat before 6:45 so was up at 6 to eat some food and have some alone time. Woke up J and took him to school. Came home, curled up on the couch and watched a bunch of our DVR'd shows until my mom came to pick us up to go to the surgery center. I felt kind of peaceful. Kind of accepting. Not overly sad. Strange. Our pastor called (bff E's Dad) he said beautiful words, he made me cry. It felt good to cry.

At surgery center they were gentle with my feelings, and again, I love my Dr. She stopped by my prep room in her street cloths and chatted with us a bit. About the baby, about what comes next, about everyday life things. Then she went to change and scrub in and I went to the bathroom one more time. The anesthesiologist took me and walked me to the room and I climbed up on the cold table. They hooked me up to the monitors, put lovely warm blankets on me and put a mask on my face to make me sleep. My Dr came and held my hand as I fell asleep. I awoke with a start in recovery and wasn't groggy at all. The finality of it all hit hard and I cried with the nurse for a bit (her daughter has been struggling for 2 years to conceive). Then I just wanted to go home. The discharge area is nice. You sit in a recliner and sip juice until you have to go to the bathroom (then you can go home). Your family can be there with you and hold your hand. I felt fine other than a bit shaky from the anesthesia and really crampy from the procedure. Once I was discharged, we headed to the new house and dropped Husband off for the home inspection and off to Walgreens for meds (I think I love Darvacet), Caribou for decadent hot chocolate, then to school to pick up J. Home for some serious couch time. Strange feelings. Empty, sad, hopeful, excited about new house, snuggling with my boy, hanging out with my mom. Meds to help me sleep. Wonderful, resting, dreamless sleep.

Stayed home on Thursday because I couldn't drive or be left alone until 24 hours after the procedure. Used it as a good mental health day. My spirits felt strangely good - is that bad or good, not sure. Watched more tv, slept, ate whatever I wanted (spring oreos and milk....lots), talked about the new house and trying again for a baby, getting back on the healthy wagon on Monday. Husband promised sushi this weekend and wine if I wanted it. I am going to eat whatever I want until Sunday regardless of calories or goodness for me.

Friday we took a deep breath and went back to work. I recalled that I had a tiny opal necklace and put it on (opal is the October birthstone). A small symbol of my loss, a small comfort to wear. A few people at work knew and were gentle with us. We are not sure what was said to those who were not aware, but it was back to work as usual. 2.5 days gone and my desk was swamped. Good. It kept me moving and working. One small moment at work out of nowhere but then not too bad. Home to snuggle and just be.

Today, Saturday, dawned sunny and bright with a hint of spring in the air. No time for moping, J has dance class, zoo class, a birthday party at an inflatable play place and dinner and cake back at our friends house. This day dawned with hope and healing. I feel peaceful and stronger. I am anxious to wait my 2 cycles so we can try again, although frightened to go through this again. In the meantime, we will move to our new home, we will move our corporate offices at work the following week (are we crazy? possibly), I have recital to prepare my students for, and we have J. Sweet, lovable, huggable J. He knows nothing but senses something. He has been extra loving and snuggly and I am soaking it up.

Tomorrow, we will venture to church. To be closer to God, to accept the love and support of the community that is behind us. Thinking about it just now, tears spring to my eyes. It will be hard, but it will be good. Thank you again for the support friends, it means the world to us both.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Numb and sad...

Today I went back to the OBGYN. She bounced into the room, asking how great was last weeks ultrasound and do I feel preggo now? I laughed and said I am starting to feel more so. I scooted to the end of the table, and she got down to "wandy" ultrasound business.

Then her face changed. She moved the wand all around. She quietly said "oh no." The baby stopped developing some time last week. Shocking? Um yes. And no. Last week when she moved my due date, I will admit I got a little nervous. But we had seen the heartbeat and that looked so good. I started to believe it, to trust it. We told a few more people. Then this morning I got nervous. I can't tell you why. I im'd Husband before I left (he is in a huge development cycle at work and was out sick two days last week - we didn't think he needed to come....sigh). I told him I was nervous and he wisely said, stop that - if you do this the whole time it will be a long haul. He was right so off I went. So when her face changed....I actually wasn't surprised. It took a few minutes and then it started to hit me for real. This baby that we waited for sooooo long for, this miracle - wasn't actually to be. The Dr was very upset - more than me at first. She said I could wait for it to pass on my own but it could be awhile yet, or I could have a D&C. I opted for the D&C tomorrow afternoon. It's her day off but she got a sitter for her kids and will do the procedure herself. She is so special.

My mom is coming to drive us, Husband will be there and I have the thoughts and tears of many others supporting us. This is hard. I feel strange. I am fine one minute then sobbing the next. I am already ready to try again as I have true hope now. Yet I am so sad that this one will never be. What a roller coaster 2010 is turning out to be. We put in an offer on a house this weekend and it was accepted. now this. Strange. I will write more about all that later. Needed to process a bit. This blog helps - sorry if its disjointed. Tears and kisses. I love you all.