Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 weeks!

Hello Friends,

Well, yesterday I crossed the 14 weeks along mark. I cannot believe I have made it this far. I cannot believe that after all the trying and then the loss in March, that we are actually at 14 weeks. It still doesn't feel real.

There have been no more signs of blood since before my appt at 11 weeks. I feel good in general. I am getting my energy back, and my nausea, as well as the related snacking, is much less. My belly is growing, although I suspect that my existing belly fat is just moving around and becoming more prominent - I know thats not all baby!

We still haven't made a general announcement. My dance students don't know, though the other teachers do. Some people at my day job know but others don't, although I am sure some have guessed as I think I look pregnant. My real cloths are too tight and my maternity cloths are too big. So I am a mess when I get dressed in the morning. Close friends know and some relatives know. Facebook friends don't know. I think I am kind of am waiting for my appt with Dr VF next week to get one last reassurance. J does NOT know and we haven't decided when to tell him. Sometime before January I'm guessing! Just kidding. Probably after my "real" ultrasound, which I think will be in week 16 or 17.

The big question about that? Are we going to find out the gender? Hell yes! I needed to know with J, now I waited all this time...I NEED to know. Plus, on the practical side, if its a girl, I can go through all his boy stuff and have a rummage sale now to clear out the basement (and then go buy tons of girlie stuff!)

In other parts of my life, our new house is not much more settled than a few weeks after we moved in. Mainly because the tiredness kicked in with a vengeance. There are boxes galore in the basement, and there are no pics on the wall. But the house is ours, we love it and we figure we will be there for 30 more years right? :) We can get ready for work and school, prepare meals, and most importantly, I have a bed. Do we need much more?

I am starting to have more energy so I am thinking I can slowly tackle small projects now. Husband has a shelving project in the basement (all of a sudden the plans for it include, insulation, drywall and this normal?) and has been happy as a clam puttering in the yard. J - just loves everything. We gave him a spray nozzle for the hose and he will water the plants and play for hours in the water if we let him -but we can't as the Wisconsin state bird, the mosquito, would turn him into a swollen, itchy mess. I'm so glad we were finally able to give him this (the yard not the bites). Maybe by next year a play set will appear in that backyard!!! He is also rocking out at swimming lessons and in general having a fun summer. I will admit that I'm a little jealous as I drop him off for days of play at the sitters or at the daycare for field trips to many area parks.

So on the whole things are going well with us. How are things with you?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eleven Weeks

Well, I'm still scared to say it out loud. I'm still scared to buy new bigger-in-the-waist pants, though lord do I need to. I'm nervous every time I go to the bathroom and wipe. I need to relax because baby bear looks good.

Dr did a rough measurement during our ultrasound on Tuesday and it was 11weeks 2 days!!! I should only have been 10 weeks 6 days and she even said, its a rough measurement, I think it was bigger than that. She was very happy with the way the baby looked - I don't remember seeing any movement other than heartbeat but she was happy so that means I am happy. I don't go back now for 4 weeks. Oh dear. Can I wait that long? Will she let me look again? If not I am pretty sure we have an ultrasound on week 16 to look for birth defects (I'm old you know!).

I feel pretty good, trying to chill. I'm just so flippin' tired today. I can barely keep my eyes open at my desk. We have a low key, three day weekend for the 4th and I can't wait!!! Is it Friday yet? Happy Independence Day everyone - be safe.