Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello Friends,

Life has been super busy.  Sorry for not posting more regularly.  Some updates.  The week J started school, we took Z to the sitter and we had a Mommy and Daddy day with him.  Rock climbing in the morning (not me, Im afraid of heights), a pizza arcade place for lunch and the zoo in the afternoon.  What a great day.  For him, and us.  It was nice to spend time with out worrying about Z's naps, feeding or fussing.  A great way to end the summer.

Jackson is settling into first grade, and we are all settling into a school year routine.  Earlier bedtimes, reading and math practice, behaving in school.  And keeping up with Z who is now at 8 months is furniture cruising, crawling, climbing, standing.....moving everywhere.  If that child is not moving, hes sleeping!  If you get in his way or he cant get where he thinks he should, he had quite the temper.  He is so much more work, and soooo much fun than I remembered.

On September 11, we took a day and went to see Husbands sister and family.  It turned into a wonderful day sitting on their back porch visiting, catching up and watching the cousins (and some adults-again, not me) ride the zip line they put up in their back yard. Yes I did say zip line.  This is the same family that turns their backyard into an ice skating rink in the winter. Here are pics of J getting used to it and then flying by (cousin E holding on to a stop rope just in case).

One more thing I just had to share.  Z has a little couch and he loves to climb over it.  His method is hilarious and unexpected. Enjoy this little video.  Dancer friends, don't you think of "Singin in the Rain"?  What a cutie!