Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Its done...whew

Hello Friends,

Sorry for the weird Changes post earlier.....I was so nervous.  I didnt know what to do with my energy.  

So the company I work for has been sold to another.  A move that I think will be fine for everyone.  BUT its been something I havent been able to talk about with anyone but 3 other people at work.  FOR MORE THAN 7 WEEKS!  Not my besties, not my husband, not my mom or my sister or my dad.  That is how I process.  Talking.  It has been a loooooong seven weeks.

I havent been sleeping well.  I havent been eating well.  Well, I've been eating, dont get me wrong....just not in a healthy manner (says the scale this am - UGH!).   I have had what I am assuming are mini panic attacks. I LIED to Husband.  We dont lie in our marriage and I had to lie.  I was legally bound.....this did not sit welll with me.

Its done.  Its out in the open.  I feel so much better.  Husband is not upset with me.  He understands the position I was in.  He is a bit on edge as this is all news to him and the new owners will be here in a few hours and I have had 7 weeks to process this.  Understandable...right?

We have 2.5 days with new owners before leaving for vacation on Thursday evening.  I think its gonna be a long 2.5 days.   Im a little worried about leaving.  Im so curious to see what they have planned for this office, for the people here.  For me.  I'm certain I will lose my General Manager title, I will probably gain some other title and still have the same job....whatever...

We shall see.

Thanks friends.


Changes have been a brewing at work for awhile....I have been sworn to secrecy for well over a month.  I could not even tell Husband who works here too.

Today is the day.  Today it happens.  Today they will all find out.  Husband will find out.  I hope its just like ripping off the band aid quickly....

I think it will all work out.  I think we will all be fine.  I think Husband will understand the position I'm in. I'm nervous.  I'm kinda shakey.  I have nothing to do today until this announcement happens.....Trying not to let it show to others.

Needed to vent to someone. Thanks for being there.

When I can speak freely I will..... I hate this!

Here we go................