Tuesday, August 31, 2010

catching up

Hello Friends,

Don't be worried or mad at my lack of posting, I am almost 20 weeks (tomorrow in fact) and I have found a peace and a rhythm to life right now and while its great for me.....frankly, its a boring existence to write about. I realized one day that my energy was returning and it feels good. Just in time for J to start 5 year old kindergarten, just in time to help prep the house for baby. Just in time to enjoy a weekend away with friends and the coming of fall!

Oh yeah! We did tell J. Before we went out of town with our friends. It was just getting too hard. Too many people knew and I was worried it would slip. So we sat him down and I asked him if he'd been praying for anything. He pondered for a moment and then said "a baby?" I paused before saying anything as he was still thinking of something....then he loudly says, "NO WAIT, a DS!" (for those not in the know, a Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming system that I said he cant have till hes 7). I made a face and he sat back and said again, "a baby?" I said yes and he is sooo excited. he is gonna be a great big brother. He asked some questions and then we left it alone, plenty more time to discuss. Later that night, we were snuggling before bed and he looks at me very seriously and says, "mom, we gotta call a babysitter." I had no idea why so I said so and with a quivering chin he says, "because the baby doesn't have a school to go to when you are at work." Oh my. How frikin' sweet can you get? I reassured him that the baby would go to his old baby sitter and he said oh ok and rolled over and went to sleep.

One other exciting event will happen in just 1 hour...I go for my level 2 ultrasound and we can find out if baby is pink or blue! I will post again and let you all know.