Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A "positive" 2010

Well hello there! We have some catching up to do! This blog will be a doozey! As you probably realized, I took a pause from blogging for a bit as there was some news that I needed to tell a few people about in person (didn't want them reading here first).


Remember in the last post I was feeling kind of hopeless? Well my cycle didn't show by Sunday, January 31st and I was sooo crampy. So I quietly took a test in the morning and it turned positive - even before I flipped the stick over! Talk about surprised. I started shaking. Really? Me? For Real? (TMI alert) Then when I wiped, bright red blood. Oh no!!!!! Not alot just a swipe full. That was it - nothing else. So I got J some breakfast and then while he was eating took the stick into the bedroom, woke up husband and just held it out to him. It took a bit to register. Then he was happy, cautious though. I was nervous from the blood, and was just careful with myself that day. Figured that if it didn't work out, it was soon, no one knew but us, and wow I had actually gotten preggo with no assistance. Holy Cow! All seemed fine from then on. Took me almost a week to post it on a support board.

Now I have to take moment and say I love my Ob/Gyn. Seriously. I love her. She worked tirelessly with us for almost 2 years, checking me out, getting my cycle to regulate, teaching us the process, testing husband, working with those results. She worked with what we could do financially and emotionally. She was diligent, and honest and most of all patient. She was sad to see me each month for my ultrasound so I could get more Clomid. Not to "see" me but to see that it had not worked again. She waited until I made a statement indicating I was ready to do surgery before she talked about it, then did all she could in one fell swoop to answer as many questions about my fertility as possible. I healed and thought that based on the results (all positive for me), we needed to move on to an RE, just for an opinion. She recommended one, and we went to see him. I haven't seen her since the beginning of Oct. We only went to the RE (Dr Arrogant) for a consult, got frustrated with his comments and frightened by his price list and then took a holiday break.

Here is where the "I love my Dr" statement comes in. She called me at work today! She was looking ahead at her calender and saw me down for a pre-natal visit. She took the time out of her day to call me and tell me how excited she was. She actually "eeek'ed" several times on the phone! She asked if we had help. I said no, so she asked how. I said I think just healthy living and honestly nothing else. Nothing else after 3 years of trying, 12 rounds of Clomid, 1 failied IUI. She eek'ed again and asked how I was doing. Told me that if I needed or wanted to be seen before my appt on Feb 23 just to call. WOW!

We didn't say anything to anyone until Feb 10th, then I told my parents and my sister, and Husband told his sister, brother and mother. Everyone is sooooo happy for us. Then on the 12th a touch more blood (more TMI -sorry) after straining with a bowel movement, streaky and gooey yet still red. Had a total breakdown that evening. I mean, we have waited so long, this baby is already so loved, I just wanted it to be alright. I wanted to know it was in the right place and developing as it should. Took it easy for the weekend and because I sometimes bleed after lovemaking anyway, we've been abstaining. Poor Husband - but he understands and has been great.

This past weekend, I had an awesome girls weekend away with my 2 besties. We went to Schaumburg, Il for a hotel overnight, no kids, no hubbies. Shopping, eating, laziness, giggles, and plain old fun. Introduced them to IKEA - they were virgins! When E hopped in the van with a huge bottle of champagne, I simple looked at them and said, "You two will have to drink that on your own". Long pause as it registered and they were both so surprised and happy for us. Lots of baby talk over the weekend. Very fun. Came home and said you know what Husband, I missed you, lets give it a whirl. Just a small streak of red after, but it was worth it!!!! :)

I had my initial appointment with my OBGYN yesterday and actually got to see the little one. It measured smaller than what I thought. I thought I was 7 weeks she measured it at 6, but said that can happen with goofy ovulation. That fits my profile and cause I wasn't tracking, I have NO idea. There wasn't much to see, just a little blob with a flicker in the middle. Oh that beautiful flicker! Then she said to come back next week and we can see again. I cant wait for Tuesday! I need to go now. I will post more later. More changes are coming as our family grows.