Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby's room

Hi everyone,

I had to do the 3 hour glucose challenge last Friday- YUK!  And .....I passed! Thank goodness!

J update - he hasnt said much about his room lately, hoping we can get through the holidays before a big change is required.  I think the picking of paint colors and knowing that we are paying attn to it has helped him.

Husband has been hard at work on getting the baby's room ready and he sent me a pic last night while I was teaching and it looks sooooo cool I just had to share.  According to Husband there is much to do but I am so excited that it looks sonice, I cant believe thats in my house.  The cool painting and the nursery - both amazing.  

Here is a pic:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Peer Pressure.....in 5K?????

So here is a re-do of the post that vanished last week mixed in with a few thoughts from today.

Things here are going great, I am 29 weeks today.  So happy and trilled to have made it this far and cant wait for the next 10 or so to go just as fast and be holding this baby boy in my arms.  Sadly, I failed my glucose test last week so this Friday I have to do the 3 hour Glucose Challenge - ugh.  My boss was kind enough to tell me not to waste a vacation day on lab work so said to just take it as if I were sick.  Love this job!  I have a follow -up level 2 ultrasound scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving and I have graduated to seeing Dr VF every 2 weeks.

Husband has been working hard prepping the baby's room, he painted the base color (a barely there blue) and then he is going to do large vertical stripes in a slightly darker blue on one wall.  In the meantime his creative streak has popped up and he wants to paint the trim white and add a small crown molding at ceiling.  I think it will all look great, I just want it done already!  I want the crib in there I want to feel settled baby wise. He promised its the top priority on the to-do list, hopefully he will be done by Thanksgiving otherwise he will be spending his holiday chained in that room!

This leads me to the title of the post.  My sweet J has experienced peer pressure, in 5K!!!!  UGH.  Last week, when I was teaching, he went to Husband and said he needed to change his bedroom from Thomas the Train to something else because Thomas was for little kids.  He was soooooo sad but adamant.  Kids at school had told him that and he was not a baby.  The sad part is J LOVES Thomas, and so do we as a family.  Husband told me when I got home (J was in bed) and I immediately went into angry mama bear mode.  What right to do those little F-er's (sorry - they messed with my little boy) have to tell him he's a baby for liking Thomas?  I would put money on that they still need a special toy or lovey and a mama snuggle to go to sleep at night.   It took me two days to calm down enough to approach J about it.  So I finally sat down with him on Wednesday and asked what was going on.  He said that he doesn't play with it anymore and that kids at school said it was for little kids (seriously, they are 5 and 6 yrs old - they are ALL little kids!  Breathe mama..............).  I apologized and said I think that he hasn't played with it for awhile is because we have been so busy with our new house, and his new school, new routines and the baby coming that we haven't gotten down on the floor to play trains with him. I said we would make a point to do so in the coming weeks.  I also reinforced that if he likes Thomas, he can like Thomas.  What ever those other kids say, it's not their business.  He cried.  He curled up in my lap and cried. My heart ached for him.

Now this is not the first and only time I had heard the desire to change his room, this is just the first time he verbalized that others are pushing him.  The first time he mentioned it was when we went paint shopping for the baby's room, we were by the Disney paint samples and he saw a brochure on making your room the "Cars" theme.  Super cool but the bed and the dresser made it.  It was a toddler bed shaped like a race car- he is so far past that size and the dresser was a real tool box.  Do you know how much a real tool box costs? The other cool part was the carpet had been taken out and roads painted on floor.  I am not ripping out new carpet to paint a road  - sorry!  Besides he will out grow the Cars theme much quicker than trains.  So I said no  - unless he wanted to give away the Thomas bedding to another boy. He immediately retracted the statement and I thought we were done.  Not so much.

So I have came up with a sort of solution.  Not totally changing the theme - which is trains heavily accented with Thomas - but adjusting and taking the Thomas out, if he really wants.  I am game to replace the comforter and sheets (and pray the baby has a Thomas phase so we can re-use) with either basic trains or just a basic color and to make it fun and new paint on the walls in his room too.  Sigh - not a project I had anticipated adding now but maybe it will help with baby transition too.  He seemed agreeable and we will let it lie a bit before jumping in.  Besides as I said, Husband must finish this project before starting another or mama is gonna get really unhappy.  :)  We did pick up some paint samples at the store the other day, thinking dark blue on lower, red stripe around at chair rail height, and a real light color (undecided) on top.  These colors will potentially get us through a few theme changes in the future.  Husband will also paint the trim white and add the crown molding at the top so it matches baby's room.  

I will keep you posted.  I just had to share in my dismay at 5K peer pressure.  It all starts so young!

Have a good one friends!