Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fun things

Hello friends.

Yup, I'm back and it hasn't been 4 months....weird huh? :)

Shortly after I wrote last time, we had a significant snowfall but with the pleasure of it being more like 30 degrees outside instead of -30. You know, how winter should be!  We took advantage and all went out to "shovel".  Husband blew snow, J did a little shoveling, there was a lot of J and Z tumbling and playing in the yard and I took advantage with my camera.  It was a nice hour or so.

Here is a great pic of J in the snow.
 And playing nicely together!
 And Z...(yes, I think he is licking snot....but  hes still cute)

Recently, we had another first.  J got glasses!  He said to me the week prior, "Mom, when are we going to the eye doctor?"  I was like ".....ummmm I don't know why?"  Well apparently things are getting blurry at a distance, esp after doing something close up.  So off we went on Saturday morning and came home with these:

He is so excited and proud.  He looks so grown up and studious!

We are in a spring thaw. It was in the 50's on Monday!  Snow is melting and it is great.   (shhhhh dont talk about that it is only going to be 18 or something silly by this evening.)I'm enjoying the hint of spring.   Finally - it is MARCH!

Have a great day everyone!