Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Birth Control Discussion - really?

Hello Friends,

Its hard to believe that after 3+ years of no birth control, adding fertility drugs and all the other stuff resulting in no baby and then not 1 but 2 pregnancies last year, one, thankfully resulting in baby Z,  I must discuss and think about birth control.  But it is a reality.  So here goes.

Now, mind you, at my 6 week postpartum appt I asked to be put on the mini-pill while breastfeeding, because when you have a baby in January, it is entirely possible to have another baby in the same calendar year.  YIKES! That was a form of Russian Roulette I was not willing to play.  Our finances, and our household space could not take another baby right now.  Oh, of course we would make it work, but I would have to quit my job and it would be beyond hard.

Husband and I have always discussed only wanting two children.  Now, after lots of hard work and prayers, our family is complete with two children.  Five months complete.  I am having a hard time keeping up on the pumping at work and my body knows it as it just started its 2nd cycle post baby.  This means that the mini pill combined with breast feeding may not be doing enough to prevent further pregnancy.  So a decision had to be made.  My doctor gave us several options:
1 - Condom - prolly not a popular choice for Husband and I'm not a huge fan
2 - Pull and Pray. Yes you read that right! I had never heard it called that and thought it was very funny.  But not reliable and not always satisfying and to be honest I think we were trying that method when I told him not to cause it was sooo good and we got Z.....  'nough said.
3 - Switch to the regular pill, don't forget to take it.  
4 - Do something more permanent to either Husband or myself.  Now most people, after having 2 babies, would have their husband go get snipped.  But mine has already had a surgery down there for testicular cancer and he is none to thrilled to do it again, even though its minor.  He has said that he would if that's what I wanted but he'd rather not.  Can you blame him?  I cant.  So that leaves me.  Should I get my tubes tied?  While I'm fairly certain that we are done, it took soooo long to get baby Z that I'm reluctant to jump right to permanent.  Can you blame me?
5 - Dr VF recommended Mi.r.ena.  She said it has same sucess rate as snipping or tubes and can be put in, work for 5 years and if we change our minds about another baby, it can be removed and we can try right away.  Called my ins and they said it was covered   in full after deductible.   Well, I had a baby in Jan so we have beyond met our deductible for this year!  So for $0 I can have it put in and have no costs associated with birth control for the next 5 years........ No brainer!

Yesterday, I went and had it put in.  A little painful going in, and then crampy for the rest of the day and today nothing.  No co-pays for 5 years, nothing to think about for 5 years, nothing permanent for 5 years, and no babies for 5 years.  At that point I will be old.  Yes I will be old then, and will be ready to make a more permanent decision.  Or I can just have another put in and go from there.  :)

So there you have it.  I successfully made a decision with out actually making a decision. Have a great 4th of July folks.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catching up!

Hello friends.

Sorry I have fallen off the  blog posting fence.  I am a loyal reader and a sometimes commenter but a lousy poster.

Well, things at our house are going pretty well (besides needing a cleaning lady and a few more hours in the day).  Z is about 4 1/2 months old and is a happy, smiley baby.  We are struggling with his weight a bit.  He keeps gaining, but slowly and by default keeps dropping on the growth charts.  Last week he was only 13 lbs 3 oz and had dropped to the 12th percentile in weight.  Kinda strange for a baby that was almost 9lbs at birth.  Dr is only slightly concerned as he is a happy, active and very strong.  I have been having some trouble keeping up pumping breast milk with what he consumes at the sitter so sometimes we have to supplement the bottles with a few ounces of formula.  He was spitting up a lot and it was slime-y when I gave him a certain kind of formula so I switched and that seems better.  He still spits up but its not gross. Dr is hoping that will help him keep in calories.

Do you want to see a pic of a happy baby boy?

 I took this last night right after I put him in the tub.  That smile, just warms me through and through.  And wow does he ever look like J!

Speaking of J-he finishes Kindergarten today.  Holy Cow.  I have a 1st grader!  And an infant.  And a house - with a huge new play set in the yard.  Thats all a bit mind blowing.  I seriously never thought we would have the last 3.  Just seemed so unattainable.  What a difference a year makes.

Quick side story: My sis and I are 8 years apart and my mom put a play set in our backyard with the thought that if the big kids (me and my friends) all played in our yard, she would always know where lil sis was.  And we did and she did!  So, taking a parenting note from my mom, we invested some of our tax rebate in this:

We figure that we have at least 8 more years of play set playing in our future so we went big!  We also wanted to cover the age span for interests. Its good for little ones and big ones.  I think I might go down the slide tonight.....

In other news, after teaching dance at the studio for 20+ years, I came to the decision that I needed a break.  I am constantly rushing to leave my day job early, to get the boys, to nurse or pump while watching the clock (not successful either way), change cloths, grab a granola bar and rush out the door to just to get to class late.  I was just struggling.  On my last 2 weeks of maternity leave, I realized I wasn't missing it.  I went back to teach in March and it was just alright and it used to be so much fun.  So I tendered my resignation.  I will still sub on occasion and may even teach J's tap class in the fall (right now he thinks karate sounds cooler).  The weird part, I had to turn in my key last night.  I have been a key holder forever.  I still have the keys from the last 2 locations, yes I kept them.  It seemed very strange and yet its a relief to be done for now. A huge weight of obligation lifted as I handed that over.   Although, I did find myself tapping a rhythm under my desk this morning, so I don't think I'm done forever, just for now.

So tomorrow we head into summer.  J is doing 2 days of field trips a week at the daycare where he does before and after school.  Headed to places like a Brewers game, a Wave game, rock climbing, and mini golf.  The other days he will head to the sitters with Z as she has a pool and video games.  Tuesday swimming lessons at the Y and Thursday pool parties at a friends house in the evenings.  Add that to some horseback riding with my dad on the weekends, (J recently started learning how to "drive" the horse by himself, and I swung into the saddle for a few minutes the other day as well. ) I think we are going to have a great summer! Now if the weather would just cooperate....90+ yesterday and today, 60's tomorrow through Sat....

I will try to stay more up to date.  I pray all is going well for each of you what ever step you are in right now.  Stay safe everyone!  Happy Summer!