Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zachary John

Well friends, one week later I finally am getting to post the post of my dreams.  He's here!  Zachary John arrived on Thursday, January 20 at 8:22pm.  He weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and was 21.5 inches long.   He is safe, healthy, and has 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Went to the Dr last week Monday and I was still no further along.  He was looking quite content high up in my body. I talked it over with Dr VF and she mentioned that she was really hoping to deliver him.  (usually you just get whomever is on call if you go into labor naturally). I too mentioned that while it didn't matter so much that she didn't deliver J, that this time it seemed only right that she help this baby into the world.  She was on call for Thursday and said that while they usually like moms to be further dilated, she would induce me on that morning anyway.  Hooray!!!! An eviction day!  It really took a load off of my shoulders.  I could totally clear off my desk at work knowing I wasn't coming back.  I was able to schedule people to take care of J and getting to the hospital etc...instead of winging it depending on day and peoples availability.

The induction went fine.  They started the Pitocin around 7:45 and she tried to break my water around 8:30 but was unsuccessful (he was still too high up.  Then I stood up to go for the recommended walking around the unit to help him drop and my water ended up breaking about 9:30.  Holy buckets!!! So glad that didn't happen anywhere but at the hospital - I didn't realize it could be THAT much.  After that contractions and back labor hit hard but once I got the epidural around lunch time, I took an amazing nap for a good part of the afternoon.  The nap was a good thing cause it took just over 2 hours of pushing to get the "little" guy out! His head and my pubic bone had quite the argument.  I did sorta quit at the end but my amazing Dr was there for me all the way.  Coaching me and telling me that after all we have been through, now was not the time to quit so, get to it so we could meet him!  Well, I couldn't quit then.  Somehow he come out not cone shaped and boy did he look HUGE to me!  Then the tears came, lots and lots of happy, overwhelmed, exhausted tears.  I am so glad Dr VF was able to be there for us.  Not just for the coaching, and understanding but she walked this walk with us since J was born and she understood the emotions and the specialness of the moment.  She gave Husband and I both huge hugs before she left that night.  She was truely excited and happy for us.

He is gorgeous and sweet and all that a baby should be.  We are settling in and wow is this time different!  No rest for the weary when you already have a 6 year old at home.  Stuff just needs to get done you know. To save on child care when J is not in school, he is home with me which means drop off and pick up everyday.  As long as we are dropping J off, we get up at almost our usual time and take Husband to work as well  (we only have one vehicle).  My hope is that this getting up routinely now, will help to schedule us and make going back to work in 5 more short weeks a little easier in the am.

Milestones:  3.5 hours sleep in one stretch last night.  I can put my shoes on (got very puffy after delivery) again.  I cant quite sleep on my tummy but sleeping is much more comfortable and ... I can zip up my coat!!!  This is a good thing cause over the weekend it was positively frigid here in Wisconsin.

I have attached a few pics (wrong order but you get the idea!)

First Packer game!  A great brother snuggle!

Less than an hour old!

The next day  - the Motley boys getting to know each other.  

10 minutes after coming home.  Look at the smile!!!
Lastly  - J.  He is already an amazing big brother.  How many 6 year olds beg to hold their siblings and then will sit contentedly for an entire quarter of a football game or a 30 minute TV show?  He talks to him, tries to soothe him when he cries, and cant kiss him enough.  He is so sweet and I think somehow understands how special Z is that it will just choke me and Husband with emotion to see it.  I am not delusional.  Will it last forever? Probably not as I am sure that once Z gets into J's toys that life will be harder but for now the love in this house is positively overflowing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Patience is a virtue....

If patience is really a virtue, I am failing miserably.  I am 39 weeks and 1 day and I am getting impatient.  I want this baby to be here. 

My doctor keeps telling me how patient I have been waiting and trying for so long to get pregnant.  Now I am pregnant, and despite feeling so blessed to have achieved it, I am done.  I am so ready for him to be here.  I am achy and sore in my nether regions, yet exam on Monday showed  no progress since last week when I was 1 cm and 25% effaced.   Even my biggest pregnancy cloths don't fit right cause he is dropped lower and I am carrying more in front than last time.  My pants don't wanna stay up and my tops don't wanna stay down.  Getting ready in the morning to look semi -professional sucks.  I am ready at work: lists made, people trained, projects completed and no new ones started....(boring).  I am mostly ready at home: room ready, clothing washed, bag packed except for daily essentials.

We were more ready on Sunday night as I had spent the day sorting and organizing - probably nesting - finding homes for J's Christmas and birthday gifts.  But J got a virus Mon and threw up all over his bed, a book case and the carpet in his room.  Poor boy did so good all day - making it to bathroom or in a bucket, but that night, he woke up sat up and threw up and the aim was poor.  So all the books from the book shelf have been wiped down with Clorox wipes, and set around to dry.  the bed is torn apart and pushed back so my pregnant bod could fit in and scrub carpet. The bookcase, though washed down, is not in place as the carpet is still drying.  I still need to take down the Christmas tree, but now need to reassemble his room first.  I still need to clear a spot in my room for the cradle, but that got pushed back too.  Last night I was soo tired.  Finished work at 5, picked up J at school at 5:30, ran to store for dinner stuff, made soup and cheese sandwiches and was laying on bed resting/snoring by 7:30.  Needless to say nothing got reassembled last night.  

Maybe thats why this baby isn't coming.  Maybe I had to get through J's sickness (am praying I don't get it) and reassemble the house first.  Maybe I shouldn't expect anything early as J was 4 days late.  My doc said we could talk about an eviction date on Monday.  I know she is on call next Thursday (1 day after due date) maybe the 20th is a magic day...

Sigh  - I really have tried not to complain or be a miserable pregnant lady as I am so lucky to be jsut carrying this child.  But, my patience has left the building.    I wanna hold him, snuggle him, zip my coat, and sleep on my tummy.  

Sorry for the rant friends.  I think I need some chocolate to sweeten me up.  Gonna go make a hot cocoa now.  I will post as soon as I can when he arrives, hopefully sooner than later!  Have a great day everyone. Thanks for your support.