Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time - flying by and not enough of it

Can you believe it?  Today Z is 6 months old by the calendar (26 weeks on Thursday).  He has cut two teeth, can sit up on his own and started to crawl. (yes thats a bit early)  He has started on cereal and we have introduced peas.  He is still a little guy, in the 12th percentile, but is starting to get some chub on his thighs so I think we are headed in the right direction! He puts everything in his mouth that he can.  Example: This weekend we had to attend a funeral and we were at a luncheon afterwards and he was playing on the floor.  I looked away for a min to talk to Husband and when I looked back he had crawled to their suede couch and was chewing on it!  Like a puppy! Thank fully they were quite gracious and have many grandchildren so it was probably not the first time for that couch but still.  

I still breastfeed before he goes down between 8 and 9pm then on demand until 6:30ish in the morning - he usually wakes up just once around 4 and then again at 6ish.  He happily takes a bottle during the day that contains whatever breast milk I can pump from the day before and we top it off with formula.  I am very proud that I have made it this long pumping during the day, I think I stopped in May with J.  Sadly, I cannot keep up with his needs.  I only get about 8-9 ounces out of 2 or 3 pumping during the day.  Even on the weekends I cannot supply him with his needs so I have been pumping and topping off because he gets so frustrated with me.  I am seriously considering dropping the daytime pumping altogether and just maintaining the nighttime nursing. Yet, I am proud of the precious 2-3 ounces I can put in each of his bottles.  I am so torn.  Husband says it totally up to me.  I want to do whats best but its a lot of time and effort for so little reward.  This week I have dropped to 2 pumpings during the day and still am getting about 8oz.  We will see.

For the rest of us, things have been whirlwind busy this summer.  Swimming lessons for J on Tuesdays, swimming for all of us (usually just J goes in and we socialize) on Thursdays and activities with friends and family on weekends.  We are having a great time.  But I just don't have time.  There is not much left over after activities and baby.  My house is not as clean as it should be.  No really.  There is dust everywhere.  I am barely on top of the laundry, and we eat take out WAAAAy more than we should cause there is either nothing in the fridge to eat for dinner/lunch or we dont have time to cook it.  Getting off of work at 5, to barely get home before 6 with out any extra stops makes getting it all done really hard.  I am seriously thinking about a cleaning lady once a month to start with.   That doesnt seem like a lot but at this point its probably more than Im getting done.   God that's embarrassing to say.

So for now, I'm trying to focus on the fact that I have happy healthy kids.  We are having a fun summer, enjoying our backyard with family and friends. I hope to be a better more frequent blogger someday soon and I will post pics of the kiddos soon.

Stay cool everyone.